SushiCo Albania


SushiCo is a chain of restaurants for Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. The first restaurant has been opened in 1997. Today you can find Sushico restaurants in many European countries. By opening a restaurant in Tirana, Sushico has increased its presence in the Balkans along with Pristina and Skopje. The restaurant in Tirana is the 58th SushiCo restaurant, which is special in terms of concept and taste. The quality of the service and the tasty foods on the menu are the main reasons Sushico restaurants are the first choice of the real fans of different flavors of the Far East.

The restaurants offer specialties from the modern Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines as well as highly professional catering services and qualities. In order to achieve the authentic look of the Asian restaurants, the entire interior has been build in the image of the recognizable marks of the Eastern tradition with modern interpretation and the kitchen of Sushico is run by professional cooks from Japan, China and Thailand. With the introduction of the catering service, the specialties of Sushico can be a part of private parties, cocktails and different corporative events.

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